Chrissie Murphy & Highway 32



Chrissie Murphy, the main vocalist and rhythm guitarist and
Scott “Scotty Yoakum” Murphy, Lead Guitarist and vocalist, have performed together for 14 years.
Scotty (Chrissie’s brother) has previously been a member of a successful metal/grunge band.

Brad Burcher Bass Guitarist and vocalist, has been with Chrissie & Scott for 10 years.

The newest member of the band is drummer Darryl Reiss who has been with the band for 6 months.

"This was Then"

An album was started in 1997 but due to various commitments it was never taken to completion stage. Tragedy struck the band, and Chrissie Murphy and Highway 32’s drummer, who was also a founding member died suddenly at the age of 40 to a massive heart attack. Grant was like a brother to Chrissie and Scott and both found it difficult to return to work on the recording.
In 2003 the band decided to finish it. The difficulty was getting the album converted to disk as they only had Grant’s drumming bed tracks which they, of course, wanted to use. 
This difficulty may explain the quality of the sound on the recordings but in memory of and in an effort to keep Grant’s music and memory alive, the tracks were recorded. 

Chrissie Murphy and Highway 32 are looking forward to releasing a new album during the year.